My White House petition: acknowledge the nones | please sign

I just posted a petition to the White House Petition Website asking that atheists, agnostics, and the group collectively known as nones be acknowledged and treated fairly by the government.


White House petitions are not publicly viewable until 150 signatures are achieved. President Obama has stated he will address any petition which reaches twenty-five thousand within thirty days.


It costs the government no money, and simply asks that the Administration recognise our place in society, as we make up 20% of all Americans.


Please read the petition, and forward the link to others, via E-mail, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, telephone, letter, or any other way, so it may be addressed. Thank you, James, in Wyobraska. (Link below, followed by text).


Acknowledge and work for the civil rights of atheists, agnostics, and nones in American civil society.

A petition asking the White House recognize that the religious group collectively known as "nones" be acknowledged as contributing and equal members of civil society. As Pew Research and other polling organizations suggest, this group makes up 20% of the populace.

Broderick Johnson, campaign adviser to Pres. Obama's re-election effort noted, "We don’t view you as a constituency . . .We don’t do outreach to that community." "That community" is 1/5 of all Americans.

In seven U.S. states, constitutional provisions are in place that bar atheists from public office and one state, Arkansas, has a law that bars an atheist from testifying as a witness at a trial. These provisions violate the US Constitution.

The best protection for religious life is a secular government which is all-inclusive.

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My White House petition has reached nine whole signatures (including my wife's and mine). At this rate, we ought to get all twenty-five thousand signatures required in 6.8 years. Unfortunately, it only has until January 10.

One other signature comes from Atheist Nexus, the rest from High IQ groups.




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