I am writing from my office and will check back all weekend to see if anyone has posted advice.  Suddenly, over the last 36 to 48 hours, I cannot parse Atheist Nexus and one other atheist site from my home PC.  I simply stopped getting emails from the two groups and when I try to access them I get the "unable" page. Other bookmarked websites pose no problem. I thought, some sort of virus?  I ran Housecall by TrendMicro and it found nothing on my PC.  Has anyone had experience with this.  I thought it might be something about the Firewall and/or Cookies, but how do a couple of sites mysteriously quit "working" on my PC?  Thanks for any help you can offer.

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Do you have some sort of filtering software on the home PC like you use to keep children from viewing adult sites and so forth, that could have possibly filtered based on a term?

I have also seen this James. I had a bunch conspiracy theories worked out such as my provider was religious and blocking it, etc... and still wonder at times  However I don't have the issue anymore and it could be a DNS problem, basically a technical glitch with address lookup.  

If you use windows here are things you can try:

  1. What Tammy said
  2. Try a different browser like firefox or google chrome
  3. clean your cache and cookies 
  4. go to start menu, type in cmd, at the command prompt type in ipconfig /flushdns, type exit
  5. search for the site in google, if not found click on the cached copy llink, try to enter from a link in the  cached copy
  6. type the URL into the address area and press control f5 a few times 
  7. restart your router, if you have cable restart the cable modem too (remove battery to get it all the way off)
  8. good luck.


Yes, James. Annet's advice seems right on point! Also, turn off your antivirus/firewall software and try the site...but be sure to re enable it afterwards. :)

Thanks to all of you.  I just deleted the whole introductory antivirus from McAfoolya and now I can access the site.  Is there some other, superior antivirus than McAfoolya that I can subscribe to?  Right now, I am trusting Microsoft's Windows 7 antivirus.  What else do I need?

Hi James. I've always used Microsoft Security Essentials. It's free, and I've never had any trouble. Not even god can hack it. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/windows/products/security-essent...

Watch out James. God is on to you. Keep up this atheist thinking, and into the lake of fire you go. You've had a warning. Better heed it.

Again?  Sheesh!  He already warned me by giving me leukemia.  Thanks for your help, and thanks to all others who offered advice.  The problem is fixed and I just downloaded MSE.

Unrelated problem but the version of the website I can get on my phone doesn't include groups or blogs - only forums.

Okay so 1/3rd of the cool stuff on site. Not fun!

As I have no Blackberry or other device, I don't have any apps and wouldn't want any.




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