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Depends on how much hazelnut chocolate you offer me.
The same way I did this:

Atheist people don’t believe everything they hear.

With a little help from html coding on Microsoft Word!

Testing "invisible" text to hide a spoiler:

CSS from here:


Move the mouse cursor over the blacked-out text to reveal it.

Beware the colorless green ideas that sleep furiously!

That didn't work... it zapped the <style...> ... </style> definition.

Quick and dirty: select the text (drag over, or Select All) to see it. (Maybe. If this works.)

Beware the colorless green ideas that sleep furiously!

"Animated GIFs in replies don't display as animated"?

I suspect it has something to do with giving an explicit "width" parameter, directing Ning's server to resize and rerender the image, which it probably does for just the first frame...

Using a borrowed "Welcome" GIF:

No width given: (dialog box filled in 200 by default)

Deleting "200" from the "width" box:

Giving a width of 100:




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