Back when Rush was sponsored only by Snapple tea drinks, the Ditto Heads were a trendy thing, and Rush listening posts were springing up in coffee shops and sandwich parlors all over America, I heard Limbaugh say something on his show that almost caused me to wreck my car I was so shocked anyone would say such a thing. He said, " know that organization, N.O.W., a lesbian organization that...." Rush is master of the straw man (or woman), post hoc reasoning, circular logic, and a plethora of other logical fallacies which he intentionally uses to please the GOP base (and I DO mean BASE -- the lowest common denominator. He was moving from the particular to the general with all the ease of a man on a flying trapeze, using the rumored lesbian sexual orientation of Eleanor Smeal, then head of N.O.W. to suggest that all women who belonged to N.O.W. were lesbians as well. And so what if they were?

My intelligence had been insulted and I immediately contacted N.O.W. to suggest that they sue Limbaugh for what a lot of people erroneously call a "blood libel," words that apply only to a specific period in history and a specific lie about a specific religious race of people. No, it's rather the old McCarthyist trick of guilt by association, the prime mover of the HUAC investigations and the Hollywood Red Scare and "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been...." (A theocratic president like Santorum will be asking the same question but substituting "women who use birth control" and "homosexuals" for "Communist Party." Almost all women will become guilty or fellow travelers. Ditto homos.) Rush studied the methods of Joe Goebbels and may even by J.G. speaking from beyond the grave, a kind of Rotwang, or even Dr. Mabuse himself. When he did TV for a short time, he was so radioactive (pun intended) that the resulting telemosaic immediately antagonized the audience; so he went back to his shtick at the radio network. When Olbermann satirized Rush he used a clip from a recent C-PAC appearance that had Limbaugh cracking jokes he thought seriously funny and rocking back and forth with swelling egomania, there for all to see, a rotund Caesar-faced pimp for 1% of the people.

N.O.W. got back to me and said if they sued everyone who said something absurd about them they would have no time for anything else. Why didn't I calm down and wait. "Mr. Limbaugh will self-destruct in time."

He has, too. He will now join Glenn Beck in that big Green Room at Fox.

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Besides that, he isn't a cat person.

Any public service announcements for Planned Parenthood?




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