"Nailed: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed At All" Author David Fitzgerald accepts Honorary PhD In Heresy from Logidea U.

David Fitzgerald, author, atheist and true historical sleuth has uncovered and documented the Holy Grail of atheism. Evidence that Jesus did not exist....at all.

For that reason, and many others, David has earned an Honorary PhD In Heresy in a way and to a degree previously unaccomplished by any atheist, and joins fellow recipients: Christopher Hitchens, Dr. Lawrence Krauss; Professor PZ Myers; Brian Sapient of the Rational Response Squad; Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta and founder of the United Atheist Front - Al Stefanelli.


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That's incredibly sad news.


Jesus Mythicism is not the Holy Grail of atheism, it is the creationism of the atheist movement: a position without academic support, that seems to only be forwarded and vigorously defended by a small portion of self-published amateurs with an agenda... like Fitzgerald.

To see such an amateuristic hack receive an award for such a crappy little book, should be a lesson to all of us: just because we're atheists apparently doesn't mean we recognise pseudo-history when we see it.

Actually I did. I'm quite a fan.


I'm even enough of a fan to know that Ehrman's next book is going to be one called "Did Jesus Exist; The Historical, Non-Religious Argument for Jesus of Nazareth" and is going to explain exactly why these silly theories hold absolutely zero traction in the academic community. 


"The New York Times bestselling author and leading Bible expert takes on his critics and the vast conspiracy community with a forceful historical argument that, yes, Jesus did actually exist."


So, what were you saying again?

Albert Schweitzer is another guy I'm a fan off. I have yet to read his books (I haven't yet because they're a century old, so not exactly cutting-edge scholarship anymore) but the book you quote ("The Quest of the Historical Jesus") is essentially the grand-daddy of all the current discussion of the historical Jesus. Many of the current giants in Biblical analysis, like Bart Ehrman, Geza Vermes, Paula Frederiksen, Dale Allison, Casey, are essentially just expanding -although also correcting- the framework Schweitzer proposed over a century ago.


However, since you seem to be bringing up Schweitzer in this particular thread, I'm thinking you don't fully understand the context of what you quoted -and I can't blame you because that quote seems to be a pure quote-mine of the kind that creationists often do. Schweitzer is not saying that there was no historical Jesus. In fact, the framework that he proposed in his books and that has been highly influential ever since, is that the historical Jesus was an apocalyptic prophet who thought the end of the world was coming very soon (in keeping with the apocalyptic strains of the Intertestamental Second Temple Judaism of the time), and whose unexpected and violent death became the basis on which the earliest Christians eventually built a new (and far more non-Jewish) religion.


That's what Schweitzer's main contribution was (check his wikipedia if you don't believe me). That quote seems to have been taken completely out of context, you can find the complete chapter here (last few paragraphs for summary). It's some pretty weird stuff (because Schweitzer was still a theologian and so wanted to preserve Christianity despite his findings) but what he says is clear: the Biblical Jesus that Christians believe in does not exist, but there is a "true historical Jesus" nonetheless -just not one that Christians will like.


If others have told you that Schweitzer is a mythicist, they have been deceiving you or deceiving themselves. He most certainly was not. And neither is the vast majority of modern scholars.




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