I thought you guys might be interested in this article I found. Korean Scientist are building a nanotech artificial nose! I'm constantly amazed at the technological advances we've made in the past decade. Sometimes I wish I was on the cutting edge of these technologies instead of an artist. Full article below:


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that is very interesting. it will be nice to see all the practical uses for it and what can be developed from the technology.
I have to admit...you don't hear about those thousands of people dying in hospitals waiting for nose transplants, but maybe this could lead to a nano kidney, nano liver, nano heart--the possibilities are endless.
It's not just about artificial organs. Much more applications come to mind: drub/bomb sniffers, chemical leak detectors, etc.
And we can already grow biological noses as well. I don't think any of them have been actually transplanted yet though, but still, scientists are already growing lots of them in their labs.




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