Nascar: "Racing With Jesus" car has trouble to start race

Nascar driver Morgan Shepherd drives for a team called "Racing With Jesus" in the Nascar Nationwide Series.  At today's race at Daytona, they had a problem with the cars accelerator and ended up missing the start of the race.  I guess Jesus doesn't know how to build a racecar. 





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He can't hit a curve ball either, if we're to believe Pedro Cerrano of Major League's Cleveland Indians.
Hmph - the mystery is how he got a ride at all!
Plus, he looks like Lex Luthor. :D

Sound like they don't need a pit crew. They can just pray instead of having their tires changed.
if all these sports people who believe jesus is helping them would declare an interest from the start, we could keep a tally of how many times jesus wins and how many times he gets beaten and get some empirical evidence of whether he's any good at sports or not
The problem is, most of the time you've got people on each team praying to win. Jesus will simultaneously be a winner and loser.
I recall as a youth praying FERVENTLY to God for my HS football team to win and they did. STILL I've turned out to be an atheist, ya just can't count on Xtians to be grateful!!
I'm posting from phone so I can't post a pic......but those funny posters that come from whatever's a pic of a racing boat flipping and the driver was ejected and looking like he's running on the water and the caption says 'Racing Jesus, don't bother b/c the fucker will just get out and run'.
Sorry, the OP title made me think of that poster.

By the way, Shepherd finished in 22nd place in the race.
The Racing with Judas Car finished 3rd.
A few observations...
First, would be funny if the car number were 69
Second, you can tell he's in a financial bind. Can't even afford four of the same brand of tire
Lastly, they couldn't get a more prominent sponsor, so they had to settle for the "least" prominent.
Probably should have visited some churches to get some of that FREE money!




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