Apparently, today is national day of prayer and the theists will be on every street corner bowing their heads together. I live in the south..the Buckle of the Bible Belt..South Carolina. There are numerous events planned in the area for an hour or so during the day.

 Every morning I listen to talk radio..I know..everyone hates conservatives, etc. but I listen I tend to agree with conservative radio insomuch as wanting lower taxes, personal freedom, etc. Just hate their christian coalition stances..anywho, the morning was filled with callers that were calling in to share their "miraculous prayer" stories..made me roll my eyes in disbelief. Stories about how things were going bad until they started praying..then all of the sudden, to great surprise, I got a job/wife/healed..Insert Ailment here..kinda stories. And none of these people can even believe that there was any reason other than "god" that these things happen. I guess maybe I have a little more confidence in myself than they have in themselves. When I get a raise, or a better job, etc. I take the credit as having the needed skills to make it happen. But, whatever.

Anyway, I was just wanting the throw out there that the "national day of prayer" is so accepted here and there is not a possiblility of it being challenged at all..Not that it should..I could care less if people want to gather on a street corner and waste an hour in silence..but you can be sure that if it were atheists doing the same and bothering no one there would be a crowd of people protesting and screaming at them while holding opened bibles..and the general public would see nothing wrong with that..because we are the ones that are wrong and need to see the light no matter what they have to do to pound it into us.

Hope all of you have a great "National Day of Time Wasting Day"..



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