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I want to sign it, but I have a certain paranoia with sharing certain information online. Nevertheless, calling Christians hypocritical is becoming redundant. The Bible says you should keep prayers private, away from public areas. I'm fairly certain it also discourages activities in worldly politics, so the Christian Right should STFU and die.
I'll sign, but not because Obama is "destroying" our country. This isn't a new thing. It's been around for a while.
if they just changed the name to National Day of Wishing - I'd be cool with it.

And Obama - procedurally - HAS to back it.

@ Ed - African American history is real and relevant. Rosh Hashanah is NOT a national holiday. I guarantee, this is seen as a victory by the "god on the money" people who pushed this and would scream bloody murder if there was a National Day of Bowing to Mecca.


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