Who's going to the March on Washington next weekend?

There are no secular reasons for continuing to deny LGBT Americans the same rights as straight people. I would love to see a huge contingent of nontheistic allies show up for the march.


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'm not going, but I'm going to be cheering you on.

A friend posted this link here on A|N: National Equality March: Bisexual/Pansexual/Fluid/Queer (BPFQ) Guide.
I see your point there. Atheists are less popular with the public than gays (although I think it's quite likely that atheists are more popular than trans people.) And there are certainly some LGBT people who are both quite theistic and prejudiced against atheists, though I bet that's a much smaller percentage than in the general population.

At the same time, this march is for full legal equality. Atheists already have full legal equality -- it's item 1 in the bill of rights. When people infringe our rights as atheists we have a legal recourse. We're working on equality under the law here -- public opinion is another matter.
What, I can't be queer and atheist?

Nano, there are at least a few queer atheist activists on this site.
I was joking with the What, I can't be queer and atheist? quip. Sorry Nano, I wasn't accusing you of saying (or not saying) anything.

The BGLT cause isn't as unified as many would hope, or think. Quite often, bisexual and transgender people are still having to stick their foot in the door to be included. Honestly, I burnt-out some years ago after beating my head against that brick wall, and about the most active my activism has been is doing the occasional online post.

So, these days, my activism is first atheist, then anything else. I'm not compromising on that.

I didn't realize that nontheists were getting tapped to help, as I've been out-of-the-loop.
. I really don't see the LGBT community pulling nonbelievers forward with them.

I'm going to ask my pal who's in the thick of bi activism how accepted she finds herself, being an agnostic. I haven't known her for that long.
I may actually be able to make it to DC. I'm excited! I just found out about a few seats left on a bus.


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