I was on Youtube and noticed the following ad banner for the National Guard:



For a split second, I thought it was an ad for a church or something, until I saw the National Guard logo.  WTF?  I guess only Christians are needed in the National Guard.  Or everyone is needed and they will encourage you to read the Bible.

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Ruth started a discussion on this: Spiritual Fitness Requirement in the US armed forces.  It's a very good discussion.

I've seen this ad in the theatre before. It shows how realistic joining the National Guard is huh hahahahaha
I saw the same thing. I clicked on it and it is an ad for Chaplains needed in the National Guard. So, not AS offensive. But they are not holding a Koran or anything. Clearly religion means Christianity to the Guard. What about more psychologists, who might have something to help those suffering from trauma.

Maybe a hand holding a DSM IV




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