This morning, in Washington, D.C., a less than gala event is occurring. It's the National Prayer Breakfast. The event where politicians from both sides gather to offer up magic incantations to an imaginary Hebrew desert god, while shoving their faces in front of the camera, and putting their most devout and moral face on so the rubes voters will keep them in office for another term.

The two things that are special about this year's telepathic mental fuck fest is 1) it's  sponsored by the Fellowship Foundation. An innocuous enough sounding organization the rings of brotherhood, faith, family, and love. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Fellowship Foundation is a rabid homophobic, evangelical society that actively promotes the execution of gays in Uganda. So much for the love of Jesus. 2) The guest speaker is none other than the Commander-in-Chief, President Barrack Hussein Obama. The same President who has said he supports gay marriage, is now cow-towing to a hate group that, while showing a greasy smile on their face, underneath has a seething hatred of him. American hypocrisy at its finest!

I'm sure that when all the senators, representatives, and the Prez leave, it will be back to business as usual. How do we rat-screw the American people, and maintain our overseas empire with the use of deadly drones.

Though, you've got to admit, praying public does have it's temporal rewards. Matthew 6:5.

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