The ever excellent PZ Myers drew attention to Pastor Mike's idea of a National Registry of Known Atheists . . . oh dear oh deary me . . .

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Yeah, I read that on Pharyngula as well.


I was thinking of introducing a similar system in the Netherlands where Christians are a minority (and still in decline) of course aimed towards ostracizing Christians for being "different" by ensuring that non-Christians will not support those evil Christians. 


After all, we're all better of when we use our position as the majority to bully and persecute the minorities into submission. After all, what is the value of power if you can't use it to limit other people's freedoms.   / sarcasm

Excellent idea, Rob. Perhaps they should also be forced to wear a big yellow cross (or other religious symbol) on their coats as well. I certainly don't think that has been tried before. After all, if you can't use your majority position to intimidate and harass minorities, then what's the point of being in the majority?


A previous part of my plan also included to round up all the Christians and transport them to special "re-education" camps, unfortunately Putin won't lend me the use of some barren icey wasteland far east. Something about human rights, pfft I didn't even know that he knew the meaning of that word. And as if human rights matter, when we have the ultimate truth.

LOL :)

No problem. I'll go on a list as soon as a list of all the small minded christian conservatives put themselves on a list first.


I love how its a logical extension to put athiests on the same level as pedophiles. Lets jsut count the number of pedophile athiests preists we have in our midst. well that didtn take long did it. Now lets do that for the catholics priests.. i'll be back in a few months when u have finished.



I think Pastor Mike would argue that all of the above are subsumed by the Atheist label
I just found Pastor Mike's post earlier today.  His comment section claims not to accept comments from anyone but members so I didn't leave one.  I wanted to comment that such a list would only be fodder for the conservative Christian schizophrenics and other mentally ill folk to choose victims from.
Especially the "where they reside" part.
I definitely read this as satire....
Check the original website link above. It's hard to tell, I agree, but I don't think it's a poe...
No, he's real.

I've heard of this guy before and can say that this is NOT A POE.




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