The ever excellent PZ Myers drew attention to Pastor Mike's idea of a National Registry of Known Atheists . . . oh dear oh deary me . . .

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It is not "being ashamed" that makes atheists not want to be in a registry, it's being targeted and discriminated against (employers poring over the list seems excessive, but I never underestimate employers' nosiness). But I could almost see this backfiring. Gay rights would not have been possible if people hadn't come out.

Coming out atheist was never a problem for me as I live in the UK. My wife thought long and hard before coming out to her family in New York. Luckily, they have all accepted her change of heart, even though they do not necessarily agree with it.

This is the kind of situation where we have to take a few deep breaths and pause.  It's like when Michelle Bachmann was calling for investigation of congressto see who might be "Anti-American".    In addition, Bachmann supports a "National Registry of Atheists and Gays".  "


"Well Duh! Don't you think people should know who is living near them? How would you feel to find out after moving into a new home that the Neighbor on the left is an Atheist and the one on the right is Gay?


Bachmann is much scarier than the crackpot "Pastor Mike" with a blog.  Bachman has millions of supporters in the US.  


I remember when, during the early AIDS era, Jerry Farwell called for locking gays up in concentration camps, and the "Moral Majority" was ascendant.  He also wanted a registry of gays, but I don't think he mentioned atheists.


Christianity, and these particular christians, are full of hate.  They say, and do, dangerous things.  How many christians stand up and say "Im ashamed to be in the same category as Bachmann and her fellow travelers"?


Would "Lou Cipher" be a positive indication for presence of the POE gene?
Now that you have commented, I went back to the site.  Damn, should have investigated it further.  I think you are probably right.  I hate fraudulent news sites, I really do.  Call it POE, but to me it's fraud.

It might well be...


I can't seem to access the blog anymore - I get a "invited reader only" page so can't see the "Lou Cipher" reference. It may well be that Mr. Alucard may have gotten us good again...

At birth, you have no idea of a god. And since you don't know anything about a god, you don't believe in one. If you don't believe in a god or gods, you're an atheist. Some would argue that you are not an atheist at birth, but instead, you are ignorant of god. Ignorance just means "lack of knowledge", so I say without the "knowledge" of a god, you can't believe in one. You're born an atheist...we all are. That means everybody goes on this "registry" at birth.

You mean ... we were ALL BORN ATHEIST?!?  In the immortal words of Snagglepuss, "Heavens to Mergatroyd!"



yes and what about all the fetuses. they got to be listed at conception!
Now, now!  Let's not forget fertilized eggs that didn't implant!!!

of course, not to mention the eggs and semen, when i think of all the atheists ive killed, it brings tears to my eyes.... but loren, isn't it god that washes out half of the fertilized eggs, if so he shud make his own list.

seriously, this brings to mind the question, if god wanted a list, why cant he do it himself? and if we are here with god given free will to be tested by god, isnt it interference in gods plan to even talk of a list of atheists. hmm, im beginning to wonder if christian NUT Mike is really an atheist.

My name's Brian F. Wood, Buffalo, New York, and I'm "god-damned"™ sure here to stay.  I fear natural disasters, but never a christ-tard nor an organization of 'em.




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