I like "naturalist" as a description for atheism. 

The meaning is already taken, but it fits. 

A "naturalist" is someone who closely observes plants and animals in their natural surroundings.  As in Niko Tinbergen's Curious Naturalists, full of stories about spiders etc. 

I like that because an "atheist" is a close observer of the world.  Observing rather than imposing our beliefs on it, at least in the supernatural area.

And a naturist is someone who likes to go nude. 

Atheists do "go naked", we don't dress ourselves in supernatural beliefs.  

I don't call myself a naturalist but I do like it. 

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The world has a natural history and this can be understood as the historian would see it as much as the scientist understands and explains it. The beginning of life on Earth to the present day is a history of natural facts, understood rationally and scientifically, and not a story of supernatural creation.

Richard Dawkins refers to agnosticism but my personal view is that the existence of supernatural Gods is an impossibility, that being beyond nature. To know and explain the natural history of the universe from a more historical than scientific point of view would be of immense value.

David Attenborough and the late Steve Irwin are naturalists who observe nature and I agree that Atheism is a reasonable deduction from naturalism.




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