NCSE - Anti-evolution and anti-climate science bills laid bare

As many of you have already heard, the Tennessee law permitting the teaching of "alternative" theories to that of evolution, as well as other topics of interest to the Religious Reich, has been put into law in that state, albeit without the benefit of the governor's signature.  This event is only one of many currently active in state legislatures regarding efforts by Answers In Genesis, Creation Ministries, International and the Discovery Institute to compromise appropriate discipline in the teaching of these fields.

On 15 April, 2012, Steve Newton of the National Center for Science Education, gave an excellent talk at the Berkeley Public Library regarding this issue and others related to it, amounting to a status report on where the confrontation between evolution and (un)intelligent design is in the US at this moment.  This is an excellent talk, which I enjoyed greatly.

I strongly recommend it.

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Double speak and ignorance.  It amazes me the number of supposed educated people that support this stuff. 

I have a certain noble picture in my mind of the education and sagacity of a judge that was dashed recently when I watched a documentary on the Memphis 3.  The star expert witness had a minimal education level and was exposed by defense lawyers - yet the Tennessee judge accepted his garbage expertise on rampant Satanism in the area and led a farce of a trial.  I watched the actual video of this joker speaking and making decisions that affected the lives of three innocent boys. 

It is so sad to see people in high positions without a clue harming so many other people.




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