I recently was struck by an illness such that, as I lay in a coma, my doctors twice told my wife to get the family together because I was not likely to make it. My "near death experience" (nde) was a total blank, a deeper nothingness than dreamless sleep. I was wondering what other atheists who came near death experienced. I'll share more if a conversation ensues.

Jim C

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I don't think there is any doubt that NDE's occur - it's how they're interpreted that's the problem. Are they supernatural (obviously not) or neurobiological (almost certainly). I understand that a proper scientific study is currently underway to test claims like, "I was declared dead, but I floated out of my body and I could see everything that was happening in the room." According to Wikipedia, the study, co-ordinated by Southhampton University, began in September 2008, after an 18 month pilot project. 25 UK and US hospitals will examine near-death studies in 1,500 heart attack patients-survivors. The 3 years study hopes to determine if people without heartbeat or brain activity can have an out-of-body experience with veridical visual perceptions.




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