Anyone know of Atheist romance/erotic books or if there's a market for such? I have searched with zero luck. From what I can gather, there is none. If such a book were to be written and Atheist characters included, what would be chances of it being accepted? From what I have seen so far (old info from the web), the idea was shot down due to the controversy.

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well.. there's a movie.. i guess book?
the best actually that i've seen w/atheist /god stuff..

Thanks. I've seen the movie and it was okay. From what I'm gathering through various research, publishers frown on targeting a specific religious audience when it comes to this genre.

You might want to join this group: and post on their forum about it. One of the moderators is Felicia Day (yes, this is the reason I joined it. Blame my girl crush), so you might have a chance of getting some intelligent answers from the members. Good luck!

Thanks! I'm actually a member but haven't been on in forever--completely forgot about it.

I haven’t logged into Atheist Nexus in possibly a year.

I really don’t want to think very often about people’s sex lives.  However, I’ve met Psychologist and author Darrel Ray of “The God Virus” when he visited Indiana.  He’s also written “Sex and God: How Religion Distorts Sexuality:”  There’s also a Facebook group for the book and he’s sometimes on podcasts.  I haven’t read either book yet.  “Sex and God: How Religion Distorts Sexuality” is non-fiction.  Darrel is an email friend of mine and on Atheist Nexus.  I hope this helps.

Edit: Atheist Nexus has an ad to click on for Mirror Reversal and claims that it is "Confederacy of Dunces" meets "Eyes Wide Shut."  I know practically nothing about the book.  The link is here:

Thanks. I actually went to the ad and there wasn't much to look at in way of reviews.




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