Need advice and info on care, feeding, and release methods for rescued Mallard 3 day old ducklings.

An old fellow on a bicycle came to my house yesterday, with 5 ducklings rescued from the middle of a road.  There was no mother around.  Neighborhood kids had directed him to my door.   I've done some research on feeding, but I want very much to prepare them for eventual release.  Of course, I know I can't just dump them in some pond when they get big.  Has any of you had experience in wild duck rescue?  I have them inside now, and have a 10 x 10 foot dog pen for them when they no longer  need an external heat source.  All advice welcomed!

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Maybe this will help you out.

There are usually wildlife conservation centers you could bring them to. They would do initial care and eventual release, depending on where you live. If you live in the US, contact the nearest Department of Wildlife and Parks.


Thank you each and all!  Keep the good advice coming.  The little cuties are eating well and spent some time in the sunshine outside today.  I have them in a very large plastic storage crate, which is good for the first week.  About 90%F and no drafts.

Dogly, how are you and the ducks doing? What do you feed a wild duck? I read the first couple of pages of Andy's suggested article. Sounds manageable, if you have time and space. I'd love to see a photo of them.   

This is a great discussion. You could also post this in my Birds group if you'd like.

Andy already linked you to a great PDF.

Here is a link for Mallard care.

This is the link to my bird group .. I would love to have you join and tell us about your ducks and share pictures with the group. I love birds myself.

Thanks, Steph.  That is one of the sites I frantically googled, and read.  Also, my biggest worry - where to release them - is solved!  I've been offered a perfect, supervised setting with two large ponds.

That's good to hear Dogly. All the best for you and your ducks!
Yes it was funny! Napoleon has a good sense of humor. I don't think Dogly will like it though; Dogly is a vegan.

I live on a river and the mallards are distant or away for much of the year. Every spring their behavior changes and they become more tolerant, less wary and seemingly friendly to humans and will stay in close proximity and make sounds.

Soon, there might be some little chickies here too.

Lovely Mallard picture Napoleon!
Cool link Lorryslorrys.




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