Need advice and info on care, feeding, and release methods for rescued Mallard 3 day old ducklings.

An old fellow on a bicycle came to my house yesterday, with 5 ducklings rescued from the middle of a road.  There was no mother around.  Neighborhood kids had directed him to my door.   I've done some research on feeding, but I want very much to prepare them for eventual release.  Of course, I know I can't just dump them in some pond when they get big.  Has any of you had experience in wild duck rescue?  I have them inside now, and have a 10 x 10 foot dog pen for them when they no longer  need an external heat source.  All advice welcomed!

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Cool link Lorryslorrys.

Thank you all again for good tips, and both the caring, and the culinary advice.  Beautiful picture, Napoleon!  This is what I have been feeding them:  First a gruel of ground oatmeal, whole wheat, corn, walnuts. (I stopped the walnuts after I was told they can't digest them well.)  Then hard boiled egg bits coated with nutritional yeast.  Minced parsley and greens.  Raspberries.  Minced shrimp.  

I weighed them yesterday - less than 2 g ! 

I would think a local feed store would have duck feed.  I know that where I live, a number of farmers actually raise domesticated ducks - mostly Muscovy breed. Anyway, the folks at the feed store could probably put you in touch with a local breeder, who could tell you exactly what they need in terms of not only food, but shelter, proper temperature, etc.  Old time farmers are a great resource of knowledge. 




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