So I had been agnostic for about a month and have recently become fully atheist, although it has been brewing for the past year and a half or so. If I tell my parents they won't have it at all and they may send me to a private Catholic school (I put up with that crap for 9 years of my life before high school) and carry out their (so far empty) threat they've been giving me ever since I reached high school after making me promise I would "stay religious". I wasn't really religious to begin with, but I feel I was rather ignorant. I'm not sure if I was ignorant, or if I was just scared to question/voice my doubts about the faith out of fear, which is in my opinion why Christians/theists follow their religions to begin with. It is most likely a combination of the two. But after much thought about my nearly opposite views on everything in my now former faith, analyzing the different aspects and concluding it is all nearly impossible, I decided I was better off without it and have been a proud non-theist for about a month and a half. I am still forced to go to church with my family, as much as I feel like a hypocrite for doing so (going somewhere I don't believe in). Of course, I would really rather just chill and sleep in on Sundays. Any help/support/thoughts?

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First, join Young Atheists -

Second, no two situations are alike. It all depends on how crazy your family is and what repercussions may arise if they were aware of your godlessness. California is more easy going than a lot of the US, so in that regard you are better off. You're going to need to feel your way. You may also want to check out MeetUp. A lot of folks here do -
It is more my mom than my dad. She imposes on me like crazy, wants me to agree with her all the time, and thinks she is right and nobody else is. Whenever I say my view on something she'll get mad and think I'm imposing on her when she is the one imposing on me. and that is also another reason why I left it. I have dropped hints by questioning some aspects they bring up in church but they don't seem to get it. And that is a good idea about that meetup, although I am not sure as to the age of the people that actually go to that. Luckily at my school there is an atheist/agnostic club but they haven't had many meetings lately.
Head on over to the young atheists group, it's very active - they'll have better advice than I can give you. I fought my battles nearly 30 years ago.
It doesn't sound like you'll be able to reason with your mom. Get a nice education and move out of there once you can support yourself, if it's still bothering you.
As you can tell by some of the stories on the "parents" discussion, some of the youths got disowned just because they didn't believe.
Yeah I plan on going out of state for college so that she won't have any control over me in that way; I don't believe my mom would go as far as disowning me but she'd just go on a nonstop rampage to convert me, which will be absolutely horrible. But then again I don't plan on telling my parents about it anytime soon
Do you believe that god exists? If not, you are an atheist. You either have belief or you don't.

As far as advice, no one can tell you what is best for your situation but what I recommend to every young person still living with their parents is to keep your ideas to yourself if they have not been welcomed so far and wait until you live on your own. You risk a lot if your parents are fundamentalist and you come straight out against their world view.
Well like I said I'm agnostic; I don't know, and I don't think I'll ever know. I have been on the verge of atheism many times. Whether or not I will cross all the way there..only time will tell
Agnostic doesn't mean "I don't know". That is a common misunderstanding. If you aren't sure then it is safe to say you don't have a belief, and are therefore an atheist. No atheist "knows" because it is impossible to have knowledge about something which cannot be perceived.

I'm not trying to label you though, just point out what these terms tend to mean to other unbelievers.
I see, you have a point
Fake it for the sake of your survival with your parents. You will need them. But let your heart be free. You know how you feel and we know too. Be glad your are a wholesome thinker.
It's basically about coming out. If your parents will make you do something you don't want to do, I'd stay in the closet until they don't have that control anymore. People are encouraged to come out of the closet, but it's important do only do it when you feel safe and are completely sure of it.
Well, you have a choice of standing up for your beliefs and taking the crap that will go with that, or just keeping your head down until you can move out and live your life on your own terms in peace. What's it worth to you? That's for only you to decide.




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