My daughter, Grace (named with the hope that she'll be endowed with Grace instead of the clutziness of her mother!) whose born and raised a nice little atheist- is trying to win a contest for a photo scholarship-


Plenty of these other kids are using their big churches to flood the contest with votes for them- just because their preacher tells them too- of course they'll do it...


SO- I'm appealing to you all for help- She's in 7th place and needs to be at least in 3rd place in order to be considered for this $5K Scholarship-




Check out the photos & essay- she deserves to win!! :)

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Thankfully, her photos are quite good, so I could vote for her with a clear conscience.
Wow! That's amazing! I totally voted for her!
Not bad at all :>
Gladly done ... neat handiwork!
I suggest bumping this post up once a week until the contest is over. We have new people join every day.
Good idea!
I voted for her too. Freethinkers need to stick together.
I voted, twice! The pictures are very creative.
Voted here as well.
I voted, good luck!
I voted too! Loved the pics. :-)
wow, thanks everyone- I'll let her know- I wouldn't want you voting for her if she had terrible photos! :) --- don't know how to bump it up -but definitely am all for it>



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