My daughter, Grace (named with the hope that she'll be endowed with Grace instead of the clutziness of her mother!) whose born and raised a nice little atheist- is trying to win a contest for a photo scholarship-


Plenty of these other kids are using their big churches to flood the contest with votes for them- just because their preacher tells them too- of course they'll do it...


SO- I'm appealing to you all for help- She's in 7th place and needs to be at least in 3rd place in order to be considered for this $5K Scholarship-




Check out the photos & essay- she deserves to win!! :)

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That just means to comment at some point in the future when your post starts to slip off the Water Cooler page.
I really hope she wins... she did a beautiful job!
I loved those photos - especially the vignetting on the one with the two guys standing with the soldier dummies - that takes some doing, to get just right. It is so obvious that she didn't just get hold of the camera, point, and push the button with her fingers crossed!

I just wish there were more to look at.
thanks so much!! :) She does have more, maybe I should get her to post those on her facebook at least for those that are interested.
Voted! I loved the pictures, you have a very talented daughter! As other have said I really hope she wins =)
thanks Allen!
Done and done. And, for the record, I just clicked the link to check out the photo. I wasn't expecting too much (no offense intended, but everybody always thinks that their son/daughter is the most amazing person ever at whatever it is they do), but I was really quite impressed so I submitted a vote. Tell her to keep up the great work!
awesome- I know what you mean- I think I'd give up sooner if I didn't really think she deserved it- Overall with her essay, I think her's should win hands down- just need to get her in the top 3 votes to prove it... Wish I had a 1000 email addresses to vote with! :)
Hey, I voted!
Beautiful images - definate mood, I also read the essay!
All around A+
thanks, I think so too! :)
I taught photography in high school - your daughter definately has the eye.
I cast my vote for her honestly. Best wishes on her success.
I voted



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