My daughter, Grace (named with the hope that she'll be endowed with Grace instead of the clutziness of her mother!) whose born and raised a nice little atheist- is trying to win a contest for a photo scholarship-


Plenty of these other kids are using their big churches to flood the contest with votes for them- just because their preacher tells them too- of course they'll do it...


SO- I'm appealing to you all for help- She's in 7th place and needs to be at least in 3rd place in order to be considered for this $5K Scholarship-




Check out the photos & essay- she deserves to win!! :)

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The deadline for voting is April 30th.
Thanks for posting that Grundgetta- I only just found out they extended the voting- rediculous!! :( --- I was going to just campaign hard for votes a week before the deadline but it seems I have another 5 weeks for that... Ugh- Thanks everyone for the votes--- if you are so inclined to use each email to help me out-it'd be much appreciated. :) Erin
You're welcome!

When I was a kid, we had to sell stuff like candy bars or seeds for... I forget what for, might have been a class trip. Anyhow, my first year at it I went all out... and came in third place. Why not first or second? Some doctor's and lawyer's kids got first and second... both had their parents selling for them, as well as selling at their churches. My mother was irate, so sold in addition to me the next year. Still couldn't beat the networking of a doctor or lawyer.

So, I'm always up for supporting the undercat.
I voted for it! Well written too!
Just voted also! great pics, Good luck Grace :)
I voted. Good luck to Grace!
I loved the photos and voted for her, also. She deserves kudos for her work.
Well, I clicked on the "Submit" button and nothing happened. Is how I vote?
Never mind, I got it figered out!
wow, she's a lucky girl. i hope Grace wins it!




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