My daughter, Grace (named with the hope that she'll be endowed with Grace instead of the clutziness of her mother!) whose born and raised a nice little atheist- is trying to win a contest for a photo scholarship-


Plenty of these other kids are using their big churches to flood the contest with votes for them- just because their preacher tells them too- of course they'll do it...


SO- I'm appealing to you all for help- She's in 7th place and needs to be at least in 3rd place in order to be considered for this $5K Scholarship-




Check out the photos & essay- she deserves to win!! :)

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hi everyone- THANKS SO MUCH for voting- we have another 2 weeks left and she needs another 350 confirmed votes to be in the top three- I really appreciate all the help everyone has been giving us= I try to create new emails to vote more often each day but still that's not enough... I'll let Grace know you all are rooting for her! And will report back! :)
She certainly has an eye for subject matter... she portrays an interesting contrast between festival and authority.


Wouldn't have if I didn't like the material.
Voted! I hope it went through, I didn't get an email.
I've had lots of people say they didn't get the confirmation- sometimes it goes into the Spam or Junk mail--?
I voted. Good luck!
I had to vote for her, she is very talented. I especially enjoy her eye for contrast.
she says, thank you!!!
thanks everyone- we need a good 400 votes - it's a bummer- but it's going to take a 'miracle!' to get that many before the 30th... :(

I "created a miracle" !! :) Helps if you have your own domain- but still could use lots more help. :) Thanks so much for y'alls support- Grace is going to get a burst of energy from this!!


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