I am planning on doing a series of expositions about design in nature (not intelligent but just dumb mechanistic random design) in a few museums in my city.

The sub-topics I had in mind so far were the following:

1. design in nature

2. symmetry in nature (a bit hard to distinguish from the previous, I know)

3. camouflage

(4. sexual dimorphism)

It's a recently born project, and I am working on the general idea, but what I would need is help getting links of websites where I can find extremely HD images related to those topics, since the idea is to turn those images into gigantografías (I don't know the translation and I'm too tired to look it up).

Thanks in advance and congratulations on the site.  

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Excellent advice Rusty. Life (and science) is all around you Macedonio, no matter how you slice it, you cannot be separated from it. In other words...Take a look around for yourself, find your own examples, use your own words and publish your own work.

Thanks Rusty and Ficking Chicken:

That's one way to go: the wonderful and legal but long and in the end less interesting for the viewers.

I'll keep searching, however, and ask for permissions to the copyright owners.

you can look into the fractal geometry of nature, cool shit.

Thanks for the tip (I had thought of mandelbrot and julia sets, but I hadn't thought about their ocurrence in nature).  




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