NEED HELP, PLS: question about the bible's falseness

just a thought, since every time religious people ask me about my side of being an atheist...there is one question that i actually do not know the answer to..

If the bible is a big chunk of lie and is just a work of fiction, who are the people who 'wrote' the accounts in the bible? Like Luke, Mark, John,etc. Is there a political or historical proof that they were real people or if they actually lived in their respective timelines? Is there a proof we can put forward to say that they, or at least the stories that they are telling about the life of jesus, are not true?
Please forgive my lack of information regarding this, since honestly i did not study theology that much..(i feel sick just thinking about it.lols) i just want u guys' opinions here in AN.. any at all would be appreciated.thanks much.:)

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People spend their entire lives researching this question - there is no simple answer. Here is a good place to start -
Spot on! Impressive.
Also, there is geological proof that the biblical flood is bullshit, too...

There is however solid geological evidence that several thousand years ago, the Black Sea experienced catastrophic flooding. Imagine if you're a farmer living on its edge, with no knowledge of how floods work or that there's so much bigger world around you. Suddenly the ocean itself starts chasing you inland a mile a day. As far as your knowledge of your world is concerned, this must be happening globally. Even if you don't have a god at that point, you're going to imagine there is one and wonder what you did to piss it off.

That is probably not the only event that inspired the Gilgamesh/Noah flood stories, but it's a good bet that it had a hand. Floods happen. Floods in the desert are especially sudden and biblical in proportion ... to the eyes of the person experiencing it. Even today, when you're caught outside in a heavy rainstorm it's hard to imagine that elsewhere in the world it's sunny and dry!

A great book along these lines: "When they Severed Earth from Sky: How the Human Mind Shapes Myth."

It's not that the bible is a book of intentional 'lies,' (or started out that way), but rather, this is how people of the time perceived their world. Even when they know (and they often know) that they're making up a legend, that is how information is passed down through generations. It's likely that many of the original writers never dreamed anyone would take their stories literally.
Yes very good historical facts about the creation of Bible and the spread of xtianity! And dead on about the flood. As Mary points out below there was A flood in the Black Sea region that is probably the start of flood myths in the whole region. It was certainly not the only one, but NO evidence exists for the hypothesis of a world wide flood.
The TRUTH about The Flood (.pdf).
Exactly SGecko. I can't believe that we have to even come up with a straight-faced answer to whether or not there could have been a sudden global flood that covered everything. It's like having to give a straight-faced answer to "The moon is made of green cheese" or "God made the Earth in 6 days 6,000 years ago."

As many Xian Fundies will note, most every aboriginal culture has a global flood story. A) See above re; localized flooding appearing global when you don't know how big the world is. B) We did indeed start coming out of an ice age 10,000 years ago. Ice melts, sea/lake/river levels go up. Floods. The river is higher now than anyone can remember. The city your great, great, great ancestors built is now underwater, making it look like the world was flooded. And so on.
i was wondering where you got this information especially the part about constantine
Jacqueline, you impress me more with every post!
There are a number of books on this subject that are worth reading. If you do a Google search on "who wrote the bible" or "who wrote the new testament" you'll get specific titles.

The books of the new testament are known to have been written many years (70+ IIRC) after the events that they describe by people who couldn't have experienced them firsthand. They recorded, and embellished, stories that had been passed down in an era when superstitous ideas were the norm and scientific skepticism was rare. The original writings were later imperfectly translated and sometimes intentionally modified to suit the aims of christian zealots. The result is a work of propaganda, not unbiased scholarship.

Proving any event in the bible to be untrue is problematic. What you can do is point out the inconsistencies, absurdities, errors, and lack of supporting evidence and demonstrate that the probability of that event happening, as described, is extremely low. Let Occam's Razor be your guide.

Of course some people will cling to even the lowest probablility and continue to believe the myths.
Good stuff. Let’s not forget what would happen to ALL life in the oceans as a result of fresh water diluting the salinity they need to survive or perhaps the fact that all plant life would be lost forever....I could go on and on....
You got that right..Not to mention the special diets these species need to survive. And how would they ,as he mentioned in his other video,even get there? The meerkats,the flying squirrels, the bears,butterflies,bees and roos,the cloud rats,the barn swallows,the egrets,the fiddler crabs,etc. Could you imagine the chaos,the spread of disease,the carnage,with that many creatures crowded together for an entire year on a little boat? Not to mention all the shit?..And wtf is a clean animal vs an un clean animal anyway?
I've worked as a wildlife rehabber and i can see so many flaws in this stupid story it's astounding.
Not to mention all those nasty parasites and lethal bacteria. Are viruses counted?


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