Hey all. Many of you will know that the Atheist Foundation of Australia and the Rise of Atheism Global Atheist Convention (Melbourne) website were brought down by a DDoS cyber attack last week.

Jason Ball, of the University of Melbourne Secular Society has hatched an ingenious idea for retribution.

He's asking non-believers and advocates for free speech from around the world to join him at 9am Sunday, 8 November (GMT/UTC time) for a minute of meaningless prayer. The aim is to inundate God with so many legitimate requests that it blocks his server to legitimate users. ;-)

It's a fun stunt and all you have to do to participate is go to the Response to the Rise Of Atheism Convention DDOS attack group on Facebook and indicate your intention to 'attend'.

Making this thing go viral would send a great message to those who attacked the AFA and Convention sites and show some atheist solidarity in a fun way. It might also get the Convention some publicity.

Please take a moment and join us in prayer. ;-)

It would also be great if you could tweet this:

Revenge of the Atheists - help take god offline. Show atheist solidarity here. http://ow.ly/wqNL

Or something similar.

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It's just a bit of fun, Bruce, but a bit of fun that could bring a great deal of attention to the serious issues of freedom of speech and the Convention.

Probably any activity that would cause you to utter the words, "Oh God! God! Oh my God!" would suffice. ;-)
Now there you go. All you need to do is organize a guinea pig baptism - that's sure to occupy God's time unnecessarily. See, this isn't as hard as you thought. Are ya gunna join up now, are ya, are ya? Pretty puh-leeeeze?
Didn't you mean "By Grabthar's hammer"? Oh, I lerve Galaxy Quest - almost as much as I love Alan Rickman! There you go, I feel one of those "Oh God!" moments coming on again. I could get the hang of this!
I am with you Kristy, from across the world. I wonder if god has different receptors for different areas. I hope not. You know, considering we have the same name, we should really try to confuse god even more. Do a prayer switcheroo or something.
Shouldn't be too hard to confuse him Christy. After all, this is the guy who supposedly made the platypus. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
Ahh, good thinking. If we mount a cephalapod attack on God, PZ Myers is sure to get the blame!
Night Bruce.
Every time I think about joining Facebook I read their Privacy Policy and back the hell way out. And you can't even visit without opening an account. Perhaps if they didn't openly state their intentions to own everything you post and to use it against you in every way conceivable without you having a recourse, I might consider it. But I have this nasty habit of actually reading stuff... Isn't there something else we could do?
Yes, you can take a look at this rant against atheists in today's Sydney Morning Herald and maybe add a response, mentioning the need for events like the Atheist Convention in Melbourne next March (mentioned in the 3rd para of the article) to combat the excesses and human rights abuses of religion. You don't have to be an Australian to comment.
I'd rather DDoS actual religious websites or send a new wild-bananas-containing fruit basket to Ray Comfort every day than this.
We absolutely do not want anyone DDoSing anyone's website. That would make us every bit as bad as them.
if this so called god responds to this alot of ppl from Indonesia, Philippines and Samoa will get pissed of




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