Hey all. Many of you will know that the Atheist Foundation of Australia and the Rise of Atheism Global Atheist Convention (Melbourne) website were brought down by a DDoS cyber attack last week.

Jason Ball, of the University of Melbourne Secular Society has hatched an ingenious idea for retribution.

He's asking non-believers and advocates for free speech from around the world to join him at 9am Sunday, 8 November (GMT/UTC time) for a minute of meaningless prayer. The aim is to inundate God with so many legitimate requests that it blocks his server to legitimate users. ;-)

It's a fun stunt and all you have to do to participate is go to the Response to the Rise Of Atheism Convention DDOS attack group on Facebook and indicate your intention to 'attend'.

Making this thing go viral would send a great message to those who attacked the AFA and Convention sites and show some atheist solidarity in a fun way. It might also get the Convention some publicity.

Please take a moment and join us in prayer. ;-)

It would also be great if you could tweet this:

Revenge of the Atheists - help take god offline. Show atheist solidarity here. http://ow.ly/wqNL

Or something similar.

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Maybe they should join the campaign. He didn't do them any bloody favours, did he?
First Twitter and now Facebook. Lady you're driving me crazy :)
I'm buttering you up for Recipezaar, Louis sweetie, darling.




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