My mother raised my brother and me Mormon.  I have not attended church in at least a decade, but I just got a letter in the mail from Member Location Services.  I need to provide a return address to them but I don't know of a funny one.  I was thinking or writing their return address or finding out the "Prophets" address online and using that one, but I figrured that someone could help me find something better to screw with them.  Something along the lines of "The Bunny Ranch".  Any ideas?  I realize that I could just throw the letter away and ignore them, that is not what I want to do.

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I don't know if different churches are more persistent than others, but when my friend in Georgia told them he converted to budhism as a joke, they went ape shit. He has recieved an onslaught of very entertaining messages since then.

Give them your neighbors address, and wait for them to visit, heh heh. I hope i get a chance to get my water hose after that bunch. I could just say that they surprised me.

Bab al-Azizia, Tripoli, Libya (Qadhafi's former residence)

Neverland, c/o Michael Jackson's estate

Penguin Estates, McMurdo Sound, Antartica

835 N. Rush St., Chicago, IL (Catholic Diocese of Chicago), or in similar vein from the Blues Brothers

1060 West Addison Street, Chicago, IL (Wrigley Field)

(co) Urim N. Thummim
004 it Came to Pass

Be careful of this one!  Read what Jeremy said.  I would never give a neighbor's address, especially if you like your neighbor. 

   Personally, I would just ignore the letter, but do as you will.  If they sent you a letter a visitation is possible.

   Obviously I consider mormons one of the more dangerous of the religion nutters.

I agree with Richard.
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I wouldn't give them any addresses, I would, however, write a very nasty letter (both in content and language)  Rip them a new one by dwelling on the abject stupidity of their fabricated Moronman belief system.  Tell them that Jeebus spoke to you and said "people that believe I talk to them are fucking mental cases".



I don't know if these were mormons, but they are now going around 4 at a time. Scary. I took this a few months ago. They were working my neighborhood.




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