My fiance is pretty close to some of the people that work underneath her.  One of those workers is a really nice gay christian from southern Louisiana.  Last night, we were the last people awake and started to have a political-religous-personal views conversation.  I quickly realized that this guy is a full blown bigoted creationist. He is even bigoted against other gay men if they are to open about their sexuality!  I had to actually hold myself back from punching this guy in the face.  
My question is this: Should I put up with this guy for the sake of my fiance? They're quite close.  She doesn't like his bigotry either but says that they make sure not to talk about it.  I don't know if I could forget about his views and get along with the guy.  I am somewhat difficult to get along with because I have a hard time holding in any thoughts I might have.  I couldn't care less if this guy likes me, but I don't want to affect my fiance in a negative way.  
What do you people think?

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Do you put up with farts in an elevator politely? That's actually a serious question. If you choose to make your objection known, you need to face it and deal with it and, most importantly, be consistent about your attitude. Sometimes it's best for all concerned to just politely ignore the fart. It will waft away. It's not a permanent fixture.
I sympathize. Sometimes there is a person spouting off bullshit and it is hard to tell them off. I am working for a lady who revealed to me that she is in the "tea party". I tried to tell her I'd rather not talk about politics but she's kind of insistent...still I'd just try to not bring up the subject. If he's "really nice" otherwise, keep that in mind. If I know someone, I try to look at them as a person and not hate them for their politics...although that can be extremely difficult.
Make sure you tell your fiance exactly how you feel about the bigotry the guy spews so she's prepared when you go postal on his ass.
A gay bigot - strange combination.
I agree with Jim. If she knows you feel about the guy, and she still brings him around, it isn't wrong on your part to speak out, or even beat his ass. She and He both know the consequences of pissing you off, and that's just human.
Thank you everybody. My fiance and I have spoken about everything and we have come to the conclusion that she will not bring they guy anywhere near me. Apparently she did not know how deeply bigoted he is and it has shaken her quite a bit. She is his boss and has decided to separate from his friendship and keep it strictly business. Thanks for your opinions.
Sorry for chiming in when it seems like it's all been resolved, but he's bigoted against other gays?

That is a magical kind of crazy. How does that even work?
It's great that you feel concerned and want to do 'the right thing'. I know that people are surprised that a gay person would be judgement about other gays - but really, why? I've seen white people who judged white people in general, and with reason. I've seen men pass judgement on men in general, often with reason. I've seen women pass judgement on women in general, black people do the same, and so do gay men.

Passing judgement is part of many people, and people have expectations of "their own" that are often more rigid than their expectations of "others". Then again, they can judge "others" pretty severely too.

I would say, put up with him. Don't buy into his fallacies or drama, don't play along with it either. More just, "if you say so" or "that's an interesting point of view" sort of thing.

Only he has lived his experience and in his body and world. I probably could not be friends with this guy, he sounds kind of pissy, and I find creationists to be generally stupid and bonkers. But in a social work-related setting, I would do my best tom ignore him, not support his beleifs, and usually not fight him either.

As for Mr. Groganomi's comments about elevator flatulence, I probably would not comment. But I might wait for the next elevator if I saw him getting into it again.




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