A few hours ago I called my grandmother to wish her a happy birthday and near the end of that conversation she asked me if I still went to church, I proceed to tell her that I no longer believe in the existence of a god and she began to lay into me with the usual its a phase type routine, I cut the conversation short, but near the end she said she wanted to talk about "god" at another time. Know normally I am usually not timid in regard to this issue, but around family I really don't like to bring it up as relations in my family are already tense enough without even bringing religion into the equation. I'm just wondering how I should handle this situation; should I go the direct route and confront her when she brings it up again, side step the issue entirely, or something else. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you


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hehehe.....and side step the vexations of doom and gloom and tune into an eight hour vexation of piano



I had to look up the definition ov "vexation" and this is what Google first provided.


jest a little music interlude to the perplexing topic!







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