Need tips: Examples of believers commiting 'sins' and crimes

Hi everyone:

I started a new atheist website last week and could use your help. The site is a chronicle of horrendous behavior by people of faith, told through current news stories. In other words, it's a compendium of religious wickedness. By quoting news articles about murder, mayhem, and misery inflicted by the faithful, I hope to help disprove the silly notion that there's something uniquely moral about believers.

While doing this is like shooting fish in a barrel, I'm still fine-tuning my sources and methods. This is where you come on (if you'd like!). I'm looking for

- one-off stories of 'sinful' and/or criminal behavior by theists (post them here or send an e-mail to terryxfirma AT gmail DOT com). Let me know if you'd like to receive a credit line on the blog for the tip.

- other sites or forums that cover more or less the same ground. Do you know of any?

If you have any questions, they may have already been answered here. If not, write me and I'll be happy to explain further.

Thanks very much!

Terry Firma
Moral Compass — a compendium of religious wickedness

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Thanks Ethan. But as I said: "current news stories." Got any? Let me know!




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