Neil DeGrasse Tyson Criticized by Fundamentalist Halfwits for "Destroying Pluto"

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It never ceases to amaze me how reluctant people can be to change.

Oh, PUL-LEASE!  Aren't we over this yet?  Apparently not...

I seem to recall an episode of the sitcom The Big Bang where Dr. Tyson appeared and was criticized by one of the characters for 'destroying Pluto.' Good to know that he has a sense of humor and can laugh at himself.

Seeing Neil do his thing, I can't imagine that he wouldn't have a sense of humor, about himself or anything else!

Yeah, I'd party with him.

And the thing is, HE'D party with US, I'm certain.  Neil strikes me as being about as stand-off-ish as a hole in the head!

He wrote me a very nice email about one of my pieces and asked if he could quote it and sent me a release form. I saved his note but can't remember what he liked. Yes, I think Neil would party with us and be just as he is on video or film. 

I'd have a beer (or two) with him, and I'd buy the first round.

The beauty of science is that it's always changing, which keeps it fresh and exciting. Our questions lead to answers and sometimes those answers lead to even more questions. There's always more to discover!

“Certainty comes from believing we have learned all there is to know. Confidence comes from the effort to learn all we can.”

~ Madeline Albright  

That Tyson was criticized by fundamentalist says more about them than it does about Tyson. He, and the science community, took Pluto out of the planetary system because of the criteria they set for planets and Pluto didn't pass muster. 

Willingly and proudly uneducated, fundamentalists create myths and believe them, even when faced with facts. A very formidable opponent, but not impossible. I think most people would rather know the truth than believe a myth.

Great cartoon.  

That a bunch of atavistic idiot-children get upset because someone had the unmitigated nerve to CHANGE something in their model does indeed speak volumes about them.  They want NOTHING to change, certainly not their buy-bull, and the less that changes in the world around them, the better.  After all, if something changes, they have to (shudder!) ADAPT to that change!

Oh, goodness me, how HORRIBLE!




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