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Yes, straps might be needed. I understand that some people use them right now. I knew a woman once who said "I'll bring the handcuffs." Unless I'm being arrested I don't want to see handcuffs. What kind of sex is that? The ultimate trust or surrender? Then there was the Google Plus ad in my mailbox just this morning. This woman wants to try new things. How many new things are there? Don't you think that at my age I've tried or done all the new things? I just want to be able to keep trying the same old things. That would be good enough for me.

...handcuffs. What kind of sex is that?

It's not sex, Michael; it's one of a zillion kinds of foreplay..

Check out SF Sex Information at www.sfsi.org

I have no desire to be left in foreplay and not have a key.  LOL

Apparently that phrase, "There's an app for that," is absolutely true. Ladies and gentlemen, the Kama Sutra in space.


"Unavailable" URL

Two things:

  • Newton's Third Law of Motion – Action / Reaction
  • Weightless Environment

Not having seen the video, but knowing those two things, sex in space without certain, shall we say, restraints, would be potentially frustrating, I suspect.

I just couldn't help it!

Who ever thought that one would have to exercise with restraints to have sex in space, while on earth one needs to exercise restraint to not have sex.




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