Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Why "Cosmos" Will NOT be Accompanied by Creationist Explanation for...well...the Cosmos

Neil deGrasse Tyson came out swinging when evangelical types complained that the TV show, Cosmos, which presents the evolution-based theory of how the universe came into being, ought have a few scenes explaining "an alternative theory," creationism. DeGrasse had a brilliant retort: “You don’t talk about the spherical Earth with NASA, and then say let’s give equal time to the flat Earthers." 

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Still thinking about this subject: we didn't "brother & sister" each other in either of the churches I went to before I quit altogether.  It has always sounded artificial/phoney to me.

Of course the Cat-lick crutch has always had brothers (monks), sisters (nuns), fathers (priests) and Mother Superiors...the most famous example of which is/was Our Lady of the Cash Register, the Calcutta Fraud.

My childhood and teenage friends who went to Cat-lick schools were scared to death of the nuns. Most of them begged to be allowed to go to public schools, instead, and some of them actually won that battle.

Oh James, that is a wonderful technique to stop a habit or an addiction. You "really didn't need that "nicotine delivery device" after all."

Wow, Patricia, that is a story I don't hear very often. Most people, my beautiful daughter, for one, struggles really hard to get off them. My mother started smoking when she was 12 years old, and her last months were pure agony with emphysema and cardiovascular problems. Laura remembers those days well because she helped care for my mother. She died at 68, I think. Laura is now 50 and feeling the ageing process occurring in her body.

Walking through cancer treatment with me, Laura knows the struggles to survive. I have never had a cigarette in my mouth. Mom and Laura used to sneak away and smoke together when Laura was a teenager. It made me furious, but we all are stubborn on our separate paths. We each have the responsibility of our life styles and live with the consequences. 

I will probably succumb to too much food. Oh! it is so good. Our chosen poisons will get us in the end.  

Crowley went so far as to have someone photograph the scars on his forearms; he always was both a bit of a sadomasochist and monomaniac. All it is is behavior modification, but then both the Roman Church and Scientology employ similar devices.

I like the word amen also.  I don't use it much unless I know the person well enough I'm responding to, and know they don't mind the word.  I use the word R'amen once in a while, but it's not the same.

Most other religious words annoy me and I don't use them, including the word spiritual.

R'amen makes it more Egyptian unless you mean the noodle.

Oh, that does look Egyptian now you mentioned it. : )

I find some humor in the great noodle, but don't find him referenced much in Atheist Nexus, so I don't mention him much.

The great noodly monster is mentioned in this Amazon review of the kids' book Billions of Years, Amazing Changes -- which could serve as an introduction to evolution for adults!

It's currently the "most helpful critical review" -- GOOD! Better that it be highlighted in the side-by-side reviews than the religionist who called the book "complete drivel". Maybe that was the purpose of giving the book three stars out of five. :-)

I think this is the reason for the reviewer giving the book only 3 stars:

"Unfortunately, Rosalind Franklin's essential contributions towards understanding the double helix structure of DNA were overlooked, as often happens with Watson and Crick getting all the credit."

Wonderful book, author and graphic artist. Thanks for the lead! 

As a diabetic, I have to avoid all kinds of pasta.  And I was also born with a faulty "need-to-worship" gene. 

I have been looking at astronomical art and photographs for most of my life, and DO experience a feeling of awe and wonder, but can't even imagine kneeling and singing the praises of the Big Bang, or the mono-bloc that preceded it.  (Going to Catholic weddings was always embarrassing for me....)

When I was 10 years old I told my parents that I wanted a "day off" on Sundays (I had dance classes every effing day after school, and all day on Saturdays), and wasn't going to go to Sunday school or church anymore.  They let me get away with it!

Wow!  Gotta give your parents credit for that.  My mother fussed even when I was college age when I said I didn't want to attend church.


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