Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Why "Cosmos" Will NOT be Accompanied by Creationist Explanation for...well...the Cosmos

Neil deGrasse Tyson came out swinging when evangelical types complained that the TV show, Cosmos, which presents the evolution-based theory of how the universe came into being, ought have a few scenes explaining "an alternative theory," creationism. DeGrasse had a brilliant retort: “You don’t talk about the spherical Earth with NASA, and then say let’s give equal time to the flat Earthers." 

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I've rewatched the original Cosmos a couple of times. If you have the inclination it's really worth going back and watching. There are some similarities, and I like that he's tipped his hat to the original style of the show, but it's also been modernized and of course the advances in science between now and then are immeasurable. Also: Carl Sagan. Need I say more?

I'm with you Pat.  Hurray for the new Cosmos!

i love how he slaps them across their slightly less evolved faces every episode.  

One of the aspects about the updated, current COSMOS that I really like is that it strongly discredits religious claims head-on and face to face.  Neil DeGrasse-Tyson doesn't tip-toe around religious topics nor does he mince words.  He unapologetically tells the viewers the truth and backs up his statements with solid science. 

The Carl Sagan version of COSMOS, as great as it was and still is, was never quite as blunt or critical when addressing religion.  This is a new era, and this current version of COSMOS has been sorely needed. 

could not agree more FA.  as one reviewer quipped, "it's made for the anti-science crowd".  

i'm not sure that's right, but it goes out of its way to address the scientifically illiterate.  it also uses known scientists that are considered credible to ALL Americans, like Einstein, to kill young earth creationism dead.  once that dies down regular creationism becomes the de facto stance, but it offers up nothing of substance.  at least young earth creationism has the idea that science is mistaken, that we can't trust physics...and math, apparently.  but regular old creationism posits nothing of value.  it's just faith in the biblical story that God created everything. which is strangely less scientific than the young earth variety.  

You have to remeber that the 1980 version of "Cosmos" was made to be shown on PBS stations (initially), that depend on donations and taxpayer money for support. KCET may have been nervous about offending people.  I dunno.  Nobody asked me...I would have said, "Go for it!"

About the time that it was due to air, there were a bunch of people picketing (and yelling) at the KCET lot, protesting the showing of "Death of a Princess."  It made things very uncomfortable for a while.

Actually, I wish Dr. Tyson would be even bolder than he already is, such as by explicitly stating, "Religion is evil and has always been a obstacle to the progress of science".

Love Cosmos, one of the best stuff I have ever seen!

@ Patricia, but they are the very ones that won't watch the program because it conflicts with their fairy tales.

I have to say that my sister, a JW for 40+ years, has been glued to the TV when "Cosmos" is on.  And, no, she's not taking notes to refute what Dr. Tyson is saying.  She seems fascinated by in all...and she hasn't been going to "meetings" lately.

I am NOT going to ask her what she thinks; she's an Aspie with a touchy temper, and she weighs almost 2x what I weigh.

When Sagan's "Cosmos" was broadcast, she went in her room, shut the door, and put on her stereo headphones...the same sort of shunning she does during "Trick or Treat."

Oh, she's paying rapt attention.  In her heart she is NOT anti-science; this is an internal war she continually fights with herself, and I stay out of it. 

She's not ignorant, but she will quote buybull verses, and talk with her JW friends (the only friends she has now) about what Moses supposedly did, and all that rot.  She loves talking to other doorbell-ringers about "Jesus," another fictional character.  (But freaks out if I mention anything about Harry Potter.)  She has a memory like a steel trap, probably has the entire buybull memorized by now.    And then she'll turn around and say something sensible about basic chemistry or physics.

I sometimes think she's trying to hang onto her religion by the skin of her teeth.

It's very confusing.  For me.

Thank you.  If they stay the same, that will be fine...she's almost 70, and I'm 5 years older, and I'm not holding my breath waiting for any changes.

Sounds good Felaine.  Hoping for the best for you in your relationship with your Aspie JW sister.




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