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O'Reilly: There's dark matter and dark energy and we don't understand it.
Tyson: Right, we don't understand it ... YET!

It is essentially as Tyson said: god is nothing more than the recession of ignorance in the face of knowledge. The problem is that those who have a vested interest in ignorance (O'Reilly, the church, manipulative governments and politicians) don't want people to be empowered with that knowledge.

And thus the struggle continues...

Well said, Loren. How can this not be as obvious to the sheeple as it is to us~!?

Because we bother to think?

 Neil is the best, one of my personal heroes. The closing pic is hilarious.   There is a group here on AN devoted to him that you might want to check out if you 'haven't already. 

Sweet, thanks!

Neil DeGrasse is a superhero!

He is the MAN!

I have said it before, and will continue saying it. Simply the smartest man in the room. When he is on, he singlehandedly raises th I.Q. of everyone else. One of my true heroes.




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