Neil deGrasse Tyson Tests His Ability to Persuade

He opens the first chapter of his book “Astrophysics for People in a Hurry” with:

In the beginning, nearly 14 billion years ago, all the space and all the matter and all the energy of the known universe was contained in a volume less than one trillionth the size of the period that ends this sentence.

Are you persuaded?

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fuck no, i am not persuaded...does it look like i have recently fallen off of the turnip truck?

Frankie, what about the Electric Universe did not persuade you? Electrical energy is so powerful, I was persuaded. Besides, something from nothing still does not make sense to me. 

~ 3,500 lightning strikes hit the UK and Ireland over three hours a...

The Telegraph,  18 Jul 2014

Interesting pix, Joan.

I studied electrical engineering and won’t be surprised if the lightning-struck region has underground metallic deposits.

If a web search tells me it does, the liightning would neutralize differences in electric charges between the clouds and the ground.

I think saying something from nothing is a bad way to explain the big bang. After all, a singularity is just a region of infinite mass. Mass and energy are two forms of the same thing. Furthermore, we don't even know if we are in the first big bang, the second, etc. But at the end of the day we come back to where did it all start. Where did the matter/energy come from? We will probably never know, but im pretty sure it wasn't from a guy with  big white beard:)! I don't agree with Thunderbolts at all, mainly because a lot of their theories are based on nothing more than speculation at this point. When they can present some good hard evidence I will take more time to listen. I still am subscribed to their channel and watch most of their videos. Anyone would be a hypocrite to not. Thunderbolts today is what modern cosmology was hundreds of years ago so it should be taken at least a little bit seriously. Sorry for the long reply. I tend to write blindly.

Wayne wrote - “After all, a singularity is just a region of infinite mass.”

But can a singularity be a physical reality? What could keep it in place?

I was an electrician and then studied electrical engineering before I got a degree in math with a physics minor. Thunderbolts has more laboratory evidence than the Standard Model can dream of.

Fellow writers say I’m a grammar nazi. Did moderm cosmology exist hundreds of years ago? : )

I would love to read about their evidence. I haven't found any laboratory studies done by them. I'll admit I haven't looked to hard. Can you throw me some links? As far as a singularity, I am speaking from what I know and sharing. No one alive today knows what it is, how its able to remain, etc. Is it a rip into another dimension? Is it space-time broken down? Who knows. 

Wayne, fresh out of grad school in the 1960s,I doubted the everything  from nothing story. Decades later I found Lerner’s The Big Bang Didn’t Happen.

Now I suggest going to and downloading the free PDF. It requires only attentive reading, no advanced mathematics or physics.

Look for mention of Birkland’s Terrella experiment or Tony Perratt’s experiments.

Don’t cross the thin line between science and science fiction.

OK, Tom, we now know how both Krauss and Tyson think about the Big Bang vs Electric Universe, here is Lawrence Krauss' response to my question, "Can you help me understand the conflict between the Big Bang Theory and the Electricity Theory?", :

"MON 8:52 PM

"one is right and one is wrong. predictions of big bang agree with observations."
~ Lawrence Krauss

I love Lawrence. I really do. Honestly, you would have been more pleased with the answer that Einstein's rotten corpse would give you. If you don't agree with Lawrence, you are wasting his time. He is like the smart Donald Trump of string theory. LOL!

Wayne, if I don’t agree with Krauss I’m wasting his time?

Is that his view, or is it your view of his view?

Krauss might see the universe as required to obey mathematics.

I see mathematics as capable of approximating the universe.

Well it's just my opinion, but if you have ever watched a QandA with Larry, you know he is a bit of an egotistical prick that scoffs at questions like this.

Wayne, we probably agree that scoffing is a poor substitute for evidence.




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