Neil deGrasse Tyson Says His New Video May Contain His "Most Important Words" Yet 

On the eve of the March for Science this coming weekend Neil deGrasse Tyson has released a short, timely video.  My purpose in posting this is not to educate the people of AtheistNexus who likely don't need this message, but to share something important that you yourselves can provide to others who may benefit.  

Here's the link to the article with the video:

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Hey, fellow ATHEISTS (yes, I shouted), a climate catastrophe will affect some of us more than others of us.

Does that not by definition make survivors more "fit"?


More fit?  Not necessarily at all.  Better positioned, being inland and away from major bodies of water which could negatively impinge on living spaces?  More than likely and certainly one possibility.  Let's also mention those who are sufficiently moneyed and can alter their immediate environment to counter the effects of rising water levels.  I doubt they are any smarter than average; they just have the financial means.  The question becomes: what happens to them when 1) their money runs out or 2) no amount of money can ameliorate the conditions they are stuck with?

Survival of the richest doesn't strike me as a sound evolutionary hypothesis, but it could be what we wind up with.

Loren, the most narcissistic of them all won the 2016 GOP primary. After he reproduced, dammit.

If the richest can provide best for their offspring they are the most fit, unless they are in prison during their reproductive years.

They're the most fit while they still have money and/or power to get what they want, but once the bread and influence runs out (and in a post-apocalyptic scenario, I see this as being very damned likely), how long will they last?  Very likely not long.

Money under certain circumstances is a powerful advantage, but only so long as it buys power and influence, the ability to get others to do for you what you cannot or will not do yourself.  At some point in a cataclysmic scenario, the power of money will simply run out, probably to be supplanted by genuine survival skills the means to implement them.

A million bucks won't be worth very much when the banks are under water.

A million bucks will pay the salaries of a few people with genuine survival skills, and will buy the required means for a while.

With a billion I can start up a bank or two. On high ground.

It would appear that you place a lot of faith in the efficacy of culling the herd.

Bert, I will hire the best cullers I can afford and hope they are the best.


This is the old question as to whether people who live in risk areas suffer greater impacts than those who do not live under such threat. 

A rich and a poor person, suffering from the same storm, have different outcomes; rich have resources to move out of the way of the threat, and rebuilt over and over again as storms continue to hit the same areas repeatedly. The poor may lack enough resources to move out of way, and few resources to rebuild. Thus, the poor may become poorer because of a move and have fewer options. 

The rich and poor person may have strong bodies, and therefore physically "fit", the situation is the financial "fitness" of each one. 

Evolution claims survival to reproduce are "fit", and those that are not able to change with changes of the environment are not "fit". 

Flora and fauna, unable to change and adapt to the changing climate and that are unable to move from one location to another are not "fit". Coniferous trees die as the snows no longer collect in high elevations and have inadequate water to feed the aquifers at lower elevations, thus killing whole forests.  

"Projected shifts in forest types. The maps show recent and projected forest types. Major changes are projected for many regions. For example, in the Northeast, under a lower emissions scenario, the currently dominant maple-beech-birch forest type (red shading) is projected to be displaced by the oak-hickory forest type in a warmer future. Source: USGCRP (2009)

"Disturbances can interact with one another, or with changes in temperature and precipitation, to increase risks to forests. For example, drought can weaken trees and make a forest more susceptible to wildfire or insect outbreaks. Similarly, wildfire can make a forest more vulnerable to pests.[2][3] The combination of drought and outbreaks of beetles has damaged piñon pine forests in the Southwest.

Photos taken from the same vantage point near Los Alamos, New Mexico, in 2002 (left) and in 2004 (right). Source: USGS (2004)

Furthermore, it is my ardent hope that the trumps of the world run out of money and they will lack the "fitness" to improvise, adapt, adjust, or change and are not able to have the advantage of wealth, much of it unearned. 

I also hope that those of us who see the changes taking place, economic, political, climate, and access to water, will be able to create the kind of lifestyle that is sustainable. 

Do you suppose an economically broke trump will know how to sequester water, grow enough food to support his family, and fight the fires that surely will come his way? 

Some will survive, some will perish. Let us hope it is the wise ones who survive and the foolish ones who die a slow death. 

Not to trivialize what we denounce of the younger generation, there is an echo in my head, I wonder if I can find its source? 

Oh! Yes!

Our sires' age was worse than our grandsires'. We, their sons, are more
worthless than they; so in our turn we shall give the world a progeny yet more

~ Horace, circa 20 BC, A PROGENY YET MORE CORRUPT", In Book III of Odes

Also, on topic, this morning's post by Justin Rhodes, "Why I Work So Hard - 5 Reasons"




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