Neil deGrasse Tyson Says His New Video May Contain His "Most Important Words" Yet 

On the eve of the March for Science this coming weekend Neil deGrasse Tyson has released a short, timely video.  My purpose in posting this is not to educate the people of AtheistNexus who likely don't need this message, but to share something important that you yourselves can provide to others who may benefit.  

Here's the link to the article with the video:

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Furthermore, it is my ardent hope that the trumps of the world run out of money and they will lack the "fitness" to improvise, adapt, adjust, or change and are not able to have the advantage of wealth, much of it unearned. 

I also hope that those of us who see the changes taking place, economic, political, climate, and access to water, will be able to create the kind of lifestyle that is sustainable. 

Do you suppose an economically broke trump will know how to sequester water, grow enough food to support his family, and fight the fires that surely will come his way? 

Some will survive, some will perish. Let us hope it is the wise ones who survive and the foolish ones who die a slow death. 



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