The FCC is taking public comments for 120 days.
Does anyone else want to let them know how you feel about our internet rights being sold out to the highest bidder?? Looks like we're going to be screwed again folks .

Send your comments to :FCC.GOV/COMMENTS

My bet is we'll be ignored and Comcast along with TWC will walk away with the prize.

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Looks like we're going to be screwed again folks.

Please, k.h. ky, don't predict failure.

My bet is we'll be ignored....

Betting on failure? Before the crash, some of NY's bankers did that. Did they all get rich?

How would I get in on that Tom.
Joking of course. It just seems anytime peoples needs are pitted against corporations, corporations win.

Yeah, I studied accounting for a while but didn't understand money well enough to go into banking. I went into computers and, for a couple of corporations, became a well-paid nerd.

Corporations are a problem but when enough people make enough noise, they change what they do.


If this move is approved it's a shot in the arm for all the ISP's to actively monitor everyone for "illegal activity." Here's what I mean. They have tried before to get the ISP to "monitor" everyone and they are not interested. Under Net Neutrality my high speed Internet might cost way more with everyone paying for speed. My high speed connection at $30 might then double under the "new rules." Not only does this tell the ISP who to monitor, it also gives them enough money to be seriously interested in monitoring you. What would the provider be monitoring in this modern age? Streaming. So far there is no accurate way to prevent what they call "illegal streaming" because streaming is not against the law. Net Neutrality will open up a way to make the ISP want to do the monitoring and hire people just for that purpose.

Dammit! I was thinking about dropping cable TV because I don't need it.




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