Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern warns that Israel anticipates starting a war with Iran in the next 12 weeks, in order to force Obama to back Israel militarily or to get Romney elected.

Get Ready for a Catastrophic War: Israel Likely to Strike Iran Befo...

More Washington insiders are coming to the conclusion that Israel’s leaders are planning to attack Iran before the U.S. election in November in the expectation that American forces will be drawn in.

Last week, former Mossad chief Efraim Halevi told Israeli TV viewers, “The next 12 weeks are  very critical in trying to assess whether Israel will attack Iran, with or without American backup.”

It’s obvious that hard-line Israeli leaders would much rather have Mitt Romney to deal with for the next four years. The former Massachusetts governor recently was given a warm reception when he traveled to Jerusalem with a number of Jewish-American financial backers in tow to express his solidarity with Netanyahu and his policies.

One source reported that U.S. forces are on hair-trigger alert and that covert operations inside Iran (many of them acts of war, by any reasonable standard) have been increased. Bottom line: we were warned that the train had left the station; that any initiative to prevent miscalculation or provocation in the Gulf was bound to be far too late to prevent escalation into a shooting war.

How credible do you think this is? Are Israeli politicians this suicidal? Would a failure by Obama to commit the US to an Israeli launched war in the Middle East really shift Romney into frontrunner position?

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must be nice to be on top of.. that game.. ? more condoms less bs imho..
patience is nice too, you can't be a good fishermen w/o it

LOL Good one!

I'm not sure but Israel will have to act against Iran soon. Ahmadinejad is an eschatologically-inspired genocidal maniac who will take the idea of suicide bombing to a nuclear level. He thinks the 12th Imam will only come down to Earth in a time of turmoil. Hence his desire to wipe out the Jews and hasten the Imam's arrival. Ahmadinejad is a total nutjob.

Well I think they are both crazy and both wrong. As much as we dislike Ahmadinejad for being a religious zealot, Iran is an independent nation. Neither country should be making threats to another. Netanhayu has been making these threats for a long time and it's clear he needs to be ousted as well. He's a war-monger and  probably also thought of sending nuclear bombs to Iran. Personally, I think Iran's nuclear capacity isn't that great. The fault of this conflict lies with both overly religious and blind governments.

Nonsense. There is no comparison between Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad. You've been smoking too much liberal "why can't we all get along?" weed if you even put them on the same scale. Ahmadinejad is a nuclear suicide bomber. Netanyahu is acting in self-defence.

It's no question that people in Israel are much more free than in Iran (except Palestinians). I acknowledge that there are serious human rights violations and serious brainwashing in Iran, especially toward women. However, Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad are both constantly bickering like two little kids fighting over which power ranger is the best. Ahmadinejad is mentally ill. Netanyahu is too close to starting a major world war if he isn't stopped. Neither is at fault alone because they are BOTH equally stupid. Both just want trouble and both must have a religious mental disorder in which they desire to cause chaos. The military history of their respective religions says it all. I wonder what would happen if we stopped giving them so much attention as a country.

Personally, I find it really funny that the Muslims are denying the Jews from building their temple so their magical man can come to Earth.




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