"Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Baha'i and other faith leaders who participated are confident it'll bring positive results"

"When God sees (all these) leaders sitting together in unity and harmony and praying in diverse traditions and seeking common good for the entire community, God will be naturally moved to provide the devotees relief from drought so that it will not affect their quality of life, livelihood and health"

I really hope they have another plan.  Conditions are bad.  Prayer doesn't work.

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Sadly, Patricia, some people just don't WANT to learn...

Think I can get them to pray for the weather to get better where I live.? But my neighbors want really hot weather and l want it just medium warm how will that be resolved?

People should just pray for the weather over their own house or farm.  They should make sure they don't askk for rain in the whole region.  That would be a waste of their god's efforts, giving rain to people who might not want it.

I don't think this will work unless they burn a lot of meat for him first. He likes the smell. It sez that in the Buybull.

One man said the drought condition correctly. He said that it was all out of their control.

Maybe they should ask Mary about it. She will ask Jebus to interceed and make it rain, and we all know that a son cannot deny his mother. (It makes sense in Catholic world.)

Good point.  I think he's pissed off at them for electing republicans.

I'm pissed off at them for electing republicans so I caused the drought.
When they start voting to suit me I'll let it rain. MAYBE.
Wow I dont ever want to piss you off! So what do I have to do to get an early spring, and no late frost after the peaches bloom?
Provide world peace and justice for all.
That's all . And no tricks. I'm watching at all times and just for good measure I'm reading everyones minds.
Insert evil laugh here.

I'll work on it.

Lol Daniel.

It is now brothers and sisters that I implore you demonstrate your dedication to our father. By providing for those who seek to spread his words of love and mercy you too can bask in the warmth of his holy light. A small donation will enable us to continue with this most righteous cause. 

Eventually, the hucksters will claim to have been vindicated. God, in his infinite wisdom, will have come to the aid of both heathens and true believers. Apparently, due to original sin or some other nonsense, we must continuously demonstrate our loyalty.

Unfortunately, it always rains...eventually.

That sounds almost cynical.  You don't think they have a selfish agenda, do you?




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