"Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Baha'i and other faith leaders who participated are confident it'll bring positive results"

"When God sees (all these) leaders sitting together in unity and harmony and praying in diverse traditions and seeking common good for the entire community, God will be naturally moved to provide the devotees relief from drought so that it will not affect their quality of life, livelihood and health"

I really hope they have another plan.  Conditions are bad.  Prayer doesn't work.

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That sounds almost cynical.  You don't think they have a selfish agenda, do you?

The word "cynical" gets a bad rap, especially when correctly employed.

I agree.

Here's what really bothers me.  After they prayed to all of those gods, what if each of them sends rain?  It could be a flood of biblical proportions.  And that Arc is in Kentucky - a long canoo ride away!  It could wash a huge gully through the state!

Here's what really bothers me.  What if they prayed to the wrong rain gods?  They left out a whole bunch, Aztec, Polynesian, Mesopotamian, maybe even African and Norwegian.  If they missed the REAL rain god, it might not work at all!

I'm so confused.

I remember one time we had a horrible draught in Ohio.  So here comes the rain.  I could see it crossing the field.  I was praising the Lord.  I stood there and watched as it rained on the other side of the road and my garden didn't get a drop. I laughed.

Obviously, either you or your vegetables were not worthy.

It must have been the upstart vegetables.

Their god/s is/are awfully forgetful, leaving huge swatches of land unrained on for long periods of time. So what's that immortal being been up to instead, I wonder? Probably got sucked into a Best 11 out of 20 Spider Solitaire (advanced setting-four suits) Death Match. Everyone knows that's a huge time suck. It's good to be reminded you have obligations to the little people.




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