Hi! I'm new, obviously.

I'm a 23-year-old agnostic atheist, and I work in technical support. I was raised Seventh-Day Adventist, but not devotedly. My dad was going through some stuff post-addiction and so threw himself headfirst into religion. He's Deist now, and we usually agree on a lot of things. My mother is an atheist, and my half-sister (Dad's side) is vaguely Deist, too.

I'm polyamorous, and bisexual. I'm in a triad with a lovely woman, and a lovely man. My girlfriend has a six-year-old, who, when he's not being annoying, is pretty lovely himself. I also have a long-distance Canadian boyfriend - we don't see eachother often, but he's lovely as well.

I like books, but haven't been able to read much lately- I prefer fantasy novels (but not LOTR-style epic journeys, and dragons...count me out - I want magic!), and dystopian fiction. I recently read The Hunger Games (Yeah, yeah- YA fiction- but it's good).

I'm not a fan of movies or TV in general - but I will watch a show here or there. My favorites are Big Love (RIP!) and The United States of Tara. I also like the new My Little Pony series (shut up!).

I also love music, and am OBSESSING over Tim Minchin lately, especially after I got to go see him at his Portland gig. Amazing!

Anyways, enough, I'm sure - I'm quite boring! Hahah :)

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