By: Steve Volk

Huffington Post

August 25,2011 



A small good thing has happened in the battle between rationalists and believers. And with luck it will grow into something truly grand. The new atheist neuroscientist and author, Sam Harris, one of the few real bright spots on the bleak horizon of America's culture wars, has reached out to fellow neuroscientist and author David Eagleman, one of this country's fastest rising and most promising young public Intellectuals.

Harris is looking for a dialogue with Eagleman in part to set him straight -- or at least Harris's version of straight. Harris writes:

"On the subject of religion, Eagleman appears to make a conscious effort to play the good cop to the bad cop of 'the new atheism.' This posture will win him many friends, but it is intellectually dishonest. When one reads between the lines--or even when one just reads the lines--it becomes clear that what Eagleman is saying is every bit as deflationary as anything Dawkins, Dennett, Hitchens or I say about the cherished doctrines of the faithful."

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The author infers that atheists are strident and dogmatic, and states that Harris is willing to consider the possibility of elves simply because he reported they are likely to be seen by individuals on DMT, the drug in ayahuasca.  If people are using the term "possibilians" for themselves and using rational thinking to observe the world, I think they are just uncomfortable with the baggage of such terms as atheist or agnostic, and want to be called something, anything, else.  Still, rational thinkers are allies, whatever they call themselves.




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