New atheist billboard: "Reject all religious superstitions"

(9/23/11) The Backyard Skeptics of Orange County, California, may be the most active and activist skeptic group in the country... at least in their little corner of it. Last Saturday they tore up offensive Bible passages at the Huntington Beach Pier and this Saturday (9/24/11) they're planning a protest at the Creation Museum in Santee (east of San Diego). Today though, they're doing something they've done a number of times before: unveiling atheist billboards. What's new for BYS is that this time, they're unveiling two instead of one.

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It's really good to see the group responsible is so inclusive. They've included so much of the really good religious nonsense that hardly anyone burdoned by faith is left out.

That's the most intense one i've seen! Hats off! Nice job! soo cool!
dig how they've encompassed the whole anchalada of ca ca talk thought indeed.

now if only everyone had a laptop and could read.

indeed the bs defunding of education is due to those fundy foreign proxy aholes




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