(9/23/11) The Backyard Skeptics of Orange County, California, may be the most active and activist skeptic group in the country... at least in their little corner of it. Last Saturday they tore up offensive Bible passages at the Huntington Beach Pier and this Saturday (9/24/11) they're planning a protest at the Creation Museum in Santee (east of San Diego). Today though, they're doing something they've done a number of times before: unveiling atheist billboards. What's new for BYS is that this time, they're unveiling two instead of one.

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I like that billboard! Thanks for the article link.

Hope it's placed in a spot that is frequently experiencing traffic jams.


I'd rather read something like:


Religious Superstitions? Buncha hullaballoo!


Or hogwash! 


Or... show the old snakeoil salesmen and a skeptic, back in the 1800s and now (use a bible instead):

Didn't buy it then. Don't buy it now.

I agree with the comments from the original article which say that it's too wordy at the bottom.  If you were to flash by this sign at 60 mph, how much of those are you going to see, though it might work at least somewhat in a slower traffic area.

In line with the well-known Stephen Robert quote, how about a sign that says:


Zeus - Brahma - Baal - Ishtar

Don't believe in them?

Why believe in Yahweh?

Nice billboard idea...but again, who's going to be able to read that driving by?  Very few people.

Funny. I thought I'd see some comments about how this billboard directly attacks religion when our defense against the faith-filled's criticism of so many atheist billboards in the past was that we were only reaching out to potential members of our own community.


Not that I have anything against attacking religion, mind you! :)

thanx for posting. I have grabed the image and am going to make a bumper sticker out of it.

I suggest we all do the same. if its a good idea for a billboard...make a bumper sticker or window sticker out of it.

its easy...just need a printer and the right inkjet printable medium.

just doit!

love you BYS!

Matt, be careful of that as a bumper sticker.  You'll have cars riding up your rear trying to read it!

I like it!



Good billboard, though the reference to "a Cracker" confused me for a minute.  But I like crackers, with cheese or peanut butter.  Then I thought it referred to a person.  Then I finally got it as a reference to communion...
Yeah, not as obvious for those not as down with the Catholic-bashing.
Maybe a joke about crackers, tacos, etc, with the face of Jesus on them.  Or the catholic "host" which is, of course, the transubstantiated living body of christ.  A yummy treat for cannibals!
The artwork and lay-out is all wrong. I could have done a better job. The guy who chose the colours must be suffering from depression. I say burn it down and start again.




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