Hello all fellow Atheists!

I've started a new blog and I'm looking for more visitors.

My blog is http://www.grilledjesus.com.

I'm also on Twitter at http://twitter.com/grilledjesus

Feedback and blog critics welcome!

I can be reached at grilledjesus@gmail.com.



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I liked your "Superman Is Jesus Christ"

It reminded me of something I saw at Speaker's Corner in the Sydney (Australia) Domain many years ago. A couple of uni students arrived with a pile of Phantom comics and proceeded to preach from them in the same way that a Christian preaches from the bible. They had "evidence to "prove" that the Phantom was 400 years old (it said so on the cover of issue 165 - and Lee Falk would never lie). Plus stuff like: "We have undeniable proof that the Phantom is kind to animals because right here, in panel four on page twelve, the Phantom says 'Good boy' as he pats his dog on the head."


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